Multi-Millionaire CEO Launches Exclusive Guidance and Mentorship Program for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Multi-Millionaire CEO Launches Exclusive Guidance and Mentorship Program for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Internet Profits Partners CEO Dean Holland launches an affiliate program to help business owners and entrepreneurs solve problems of their online business.

Internet Profits Partners or IPP, an affiliate program for individuals who wish to achieve success in their business endeavours, is now available for business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to grow and scale their online business.

According to the IPP CEO Dean Holland, the primary objective of the program is to guide and mentor entrepreneurs in building their business and making it more profitable. It was also built to provide guidance and mentorship.

However, unlike other programs, IPP is different because of its high standards for accepting members.

Information gathered from the IPP website states that business owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in joining the program will be required to undergo a strict assessment to ensure that the potential member meets the highest qualifications set by the program.

This assessment will be conducted through a phone call conversation, booked at the business owner’s most convenient time.

While the guidelines are quite strict, business owners and entrepreneurs who will prove to be qualified for the program are entitled to invaluable benefits such as top-level business growth and scaling tips as well as strategic ways to reach a business goal.

IPP is potentially a necessary tool for growth, especially for those who are just starting their business. To maximize the benefits of the program, business owners and entrepreneurs are required to spend at least a couple of hours a day applying the resources and knowledge they will gain.

The resources provided by the program can be useful to business owners and entrepreneurs at many different levels; it can help solve various technical issues and even lead generation concerns.

Qualified members will receive a physical book called the “Iceberg Effect.” This book aims to help affiliate marketers achieve their business goals. It guides newbies so they’ll have a clear path in navigating the subject matter. The book also teaches them to have a positive mindset and provides a clear step-by-step outline of affiliate marketing in today’s setting.

Aside from the book, a private partners’ Facebook group was also created to offer assistance to the members when it comes to technical or traffic generation concerns. Disclaimer if you click the link I could receive a commission if you purchase any products.

Make Money Online

There is many ways to earn money online. I will go over some of them for you. Paid to read email is one of the best ways to earn small amounts of money online. Paid to read email sites that will pay you usually pay you 1/10 of a cent to 5 cents per email. If a paid to read email site says they pay 1 dollar to $500 per email is usually a scam and will not pay out, so try to stay from those. Also you might stay away from high payouts unless they have proof that they pay. You can check the get paid forum to find those.
To earn money online you can fill out surveys for money. Some survey sites let you earn points and later exchange them for cash.Other survey sites will pay you cash. There are also survey sites that give you merchandise for filling you surveys. Some sites say you can earn up to $250 per survey, but they ask you to pay them money to get the surveys. I would stay away from those sites unless you have money to blow (but who does).
You can earn money by selling things on Ebay. By being an affiliate can earn you money. This way is the easiest way to earn money online and affiliates are in high demand. Every company loves affiliates because affiliates get the sites seen by lots of people. There are all kinds of companies who use affiliates and they range from adult to wal mart and every thing in between. Affiliate sites usually pay you per click of per sale.
If you have excellent computer skills you can earn money by designing banners and designing websites. There is good money in reselling software. You buy software and than you can resell if for any price. You can earn money online by surfing the web. Some surfing sites have you install a tool bar that keeps track of the amount of time you spend online and pay you for that time. They usually pay well and you don’t have do anything. This is great because you are going to be online why not earn money for being online doing what you want.
The other way to get paid for surfing is joining a program such as SAS. They pay you for visiting sites and you also get hits to your site if you have one. These surf programs usually pay 0.50-1.00 for 1000 views.
With many mom’s opting to stay at home with their children. This has given rise to the home based business. I the past the only home based business out there were Avon, Tuppware, Mary Kay and Amway. Those businesses were for women and left men out of the picture. The internet has given the men an equal chance to stay at home and work. You can work at home doing almost anything.
I will go over some opportunities for you. One of the biggest home based business is Specialty Merchandise Corporation also known as SMC. They have been around for for years and started with mail order products than moved to the internet. The good thing about them is you make profits ranging from 100%-300%. You don’t have to carry an inventory they do it for you and they do the shipping for you too. SMC also provides you with a personal business coach to help you every step of the way.
Now you may have heard of the data entry and typing jobs that are out there. Well guess what they are a scam because they make you pay to work for them. You do not have to pay to work at home. When looking for jobs where you can work out of your house you need to know that you do not have to pay to get a job at home. The work at home jobs you should avoid are typing, envelope stuffing, processing refunds, making crafts, chain letters, and medical billing. All these jobs require you to pay fees to work at home. You do not need to pay to get in on a good work at home job. You can start a home based business on anything from a day care center to writing on things you know and everything in between. You need to find the right home based business for you. A lot of businesses ran out of the home fail because of the down times and you will have up times, but in the beginning you have more downtime. With all these opportunities around it is hard to choose one. Your best bet for a home based business is any idea you have in your head. Most people don’t want to act on their idea because they think the idea is dumb. The only dumb idea is the one not acted on. Your best tool you have is your brain and thinking is hard work and tiring, but if you think about what you want to do and you will be a success. You need to think about what you are going to sell. You need to research what people want. You need to think where you are going to advertise. You need to think what you want your ad to say. You need to think about what you want to write articles on. All that is why you need to use your brain.You can not put your home based business on auto pilot and expect to earn good money.
In conclusion,no matter how you choose to earn your money there will be a scam waiting to grab you and part you from your money. Keep your eyes open and you won’t get taken for a ride you don’t want to be on. You can earn money online for doing just about anything. If you have a good plan for a home based business go for it, but remember that it takes time to really get going. Use your brain and you can go far.
When you start to earn money you will see that everything you put into your home based business pays off. Start off small than grow bigger. If you start small you won’t loose much and you will be able to see your growth. If you want to start big and you don’t grow you will be disappointed. Take it slow and you will earn more and more. If you find some one to help you make sure you can trust them. I hope you walk with a better understanding on how to earn money online. Heres to you and all your success.May you be successful.


Some Of The Most Popular Ways To Make Money Online

The internet was one considered nothing but a place to gather information. Today it has exploded into a place where thousands of people make money instead of working for someone else. You can read about stories online of how people went from having nothing but are now very rich. They didn’t even have their own computer so they went to a public place to use one until they could afford their own.

It is possible to make a good living working online, but you have to be willing to put in the effort. Don’t fall for those scams that tell you that without any investment or work you will be rolling in the cash. One of the most prosperous money making opportunities on the internet is to provide marketing services for other businesses. It will only take you a small investment to pay for your own marketing of your business in order to get people looking for your skills to notice what you have to offer.

You can also engage in some affiliate marketing to help your profits grow faster. It will take some time and a small investment to pay for the domain name, developing the website, and some advertising. That is all you have to do and then it can take care of itself while you continue to help others with their marketing. You can use your own affiliate program as an example to show potential customers what you can offer them.

Millions of dollars change hands every day in the world of online trading, and you may find you really enjoy this type of home business. FOREX operates 24/7 so you can always be a part of the trading any time of the day. If you have items that you no longer use you may want to sell them on the online auction sites. You can make a good business from buying goods on sale and then reselling them for a profit.

It is important to discover which type of online business is going to offer you the most benefit. You need to take a look at your strengths, what you enjoy doing, how much money you want to invest, and what chances you have of being able to offer something that consumers are looking for. Having your own online business takes commitment and a desire to succeed.

Everyone wants to have a job they love but most people don’t. Chances are you have knowledge of how to perform specific duties or valuable information you can share with other people. Turn this into a very profitable business. One of the hottest items on the internet right now is e-books with information consumers can instantly download.

While you want to enjoy what you are doing with your online business, it has to be profitable. There aren’t too many of us out there who can work and not make any money but still take care of our responsibilities. Try to have more than one resource for income coming your way. This way you can have income coming to you from different directions.

You want the sources of income to remain in place for a long time to come so think how you can continue to expand and grow your business. Avoid the type of online business that will become a passing trend.

Make sure you understand the basics of the type of business you plan to operate. Take advantage of the learning opportunities online as well as the various marketing tools that are offered. Paying attention to the different marketing strategies that are available will help you to have your best chances of a profitable business.

Make money on the Internet

If you read my other articles, you know already that there are many ways to make money on the Internet. I personally can’t understand why people don’t do it more often when it is so easy. “Variety is the spice of life.” That’s a fact. This subject is precisely huge because there is not one, two or three ways to make money online, but many.

In fact this is what I would do if I were you. Instead of focusing on one specific business only, I would set up different ones at least to try and find out which one is better for me. If I realize that it does not consume too much time and I can do it at ease I would then go to the next level . . .

I would set up different streams of internet income. This way I would be assured that even if I am not making that much money with one business, other streams of revenues would keep producing profits for me anyway.

Most people are so afraid to lose their jobs. That’s because it is the only job they have. It is the only thing they do to make money. They are just earning a living. Even if you love your current job, it is a smart decision to set up a few automatic businesses and let them produce residual income for you.

Then, how can you do this?

1. Creativity.

As you will read in my book Easy Web Riches creativity is very important. Most wealthy people are also creative people. There is no limit to what you can create. Then, there is no limit to what you can earn. This is easy. Trust me!

2. Publishing

To publish your own products and sell them to others on the Internet. You will see how many people out there are seeking information nowadays. They know that by educating themselves on certain fields they can improve their standard of living a lot. Often knowledge makes the difference. This kind of business will make you money too.

3. Affiliate Marketing.

Many of you have tried this already. I know. In the other hand this is not just any kind of affiliate marketing. I am talking about affiliating with products or services that sell like crazy!

These companies pay you 50% or more for every product you sell. So, if you get $50 per product, you only have to sell 10 products per week to make $500. I am not talking about ClickBank only either. I am talking about implementing different advertising techniques that can help you make more money from any affiliate marketing program that you choose to join.

4. Trading.

It is easier to trade today than ever before. You don’t have to pick up the phone and call anybody. You can trade all major markets like Forex, The Stock Market, Futures, Options anything, right on your computer screen. This is an automatic business that allows you to earn automatic income. You do it from home. You set up your own hours. You are the boss.

The only problem with trading is that most novice traders rush into it wishing to make a quick buck, without taking time to learn the basics of this business. Reading a few good books about it could increase your profit rate by at least 1000%, specially if you have never traded before online.

5. Join ventures.

Some business owners need money to develop a project. It could be real estate, a new technology, etc. Selling shares of the company stock on The Stock Market is a good method to raise capital for the business.

Other popular method is through a joint venture. A company makes an offer and let interested investors participate on it. There are thousands of joint ventures on the Internet. If you like this business your job will be to find the companies that pay you the highest profits and invest your money with them.

Above you can find five of the biggest businesses you can start to make money one the Internet. Now, the truth is that there are hundreds of ways to do this. That’s where the multiple stream of income concept comes from.

Replication is the key to your online business. This means that once you establish the base, the backbone for your businesses, you can start duplicating your success more and more. In other words, with the same amount of effort, you will double your income through the passage of time.

Notice that if you are an employee, it happens usually the opposite. Every day they demand that you accomplish more tasks for about the same salary. If you like your job you can be an employee, but at the same time start your own online business.

It is a smart decision to start a business and make some extra cash every day. That’s how you will have another stream of income when unexpected money problems suddenly hit you from nowhere. You know that sometimes things just don’t happen like we plan them. It is always wise to have a cash reserve.

Now why an online business and not an offline one. To start a traditional brick and mortar business requires strong will power. There are lots of requisites, forms, legal aspects, procedures, etc., to take into consideration. In a few words, there are so many hassles that most people don’t even think about it.

Now, analyze how different it is when you choose to start your very own online business. For example, you can build your first web site within a few hours and start promoting the products. Instead of spending months or years on the set up process, you spend a few hours or days. You get paid 50% or more for every sale you generate. You can also create your own services and let other people take care of the marketing for you. It is a win – win situation since the beginning.

Other thing to take into consideration is the investment. How much do you have to invest to start a traditional business? Usually tens of thousands of dollars or more. How much do you pay to start making money on the Internet? Usually $0 – $100. How much do you need to wait to start seeing results with an offline business? Probably years. How much do you need to wait to make money online? Probably days.

Do you notice the difference?

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Internet Millionaire Club – Make Money Fast With Adwords

Have you been searching the net for some real answers, on how to make money fast? I am sure you have seen ‘all’ the sales letters, promising you riches beyond your wildest dreams. Can you really make money online? The answer is yes! There are only a few products, that actually deliver on the promise.

Over the last 6 years, I have been so angry, I could spit nails! I have studied Seo techniques, Google Adwords, investing and much more. Sadly, most of the information on the internet is a scam. 6 years ago I found ‘Google Cash’ and back then, it was very effective. Today, you need to have an arsenal of information, just to stay on the inside track. One Adwords expert, has found a way to earn an affiliate income without a website! You will find this remarkable!

Two basic, but yet powerful ways to make money fast, is by selling a product, or by investing money. Selling other peoples products does take some time, but is very effective. Many who have mastered affiliate marketing, with such companies as Commission Junction and LinkShare, bring in thousands a month. Imagine using banks, offshore accounts, sports betting, Forex, Google Adwords and virtual currencies to make money fast.

If your interested in virtual currencies, you can find out more at I am only bringing this up to give you an idea of what is possible. You would need to search Google and educate yourself on the markets and learn about Forex. When you start making hundreds of dollars with the Forex or Google Adwords, you want to re-invest your money wisely. Again, this takes the right knowledge to be successful and make money fast. Take the money you have made and re-invest to make even more!

If you want to jump right into making money online, Google Adwords is the way to go. Over the years, Google has made different changes, that have either scared marketers off, or challenged the elite. Most people give up on internet marketing, thinking it is impossible. Google Adwords allows you to inexpensively test a product and if it has a high conversion rate, you have a winner. Focusing on particular niches in Google Adwords, can make you wealthy. Sometimes, it will be worth it to bid 50 cents, as long as your conversion rate and return on investment is high.

There is also a method, called ‘skimming’, which can make money fast, to the tune of one hundred dollars a day. This is a powerful, but easy method developed by an Adwords expert. Imagine being able to find those 5 cent clicks and watch them convert to cold hard cash! One Adwords expert has found a way to do this! Again, there are amazing tips and tricks that can beat Google Adwords. You simply need the ‘advanced strategies’, so you do not lose your shirt! Picture selling a $97 product and getting $53 for commission! Imagine doing this over and over again! Make it and re-invest it!

If you have the right knowledge, of how to choose keywords, make fantastic landing pages and how to leverage your money, you can cash in! People are doing it everyday and yes there are people making over a million dollars online! Corey Rudl is a fine example of one internet marketer, that made it happen! He made over six million dollars a year and mastered affiliate marketing! So, what’s holding you back?

You can make money fast and at the Internet Millionaire Club, you will find reviews of products, that ‘really’ work! Again, these are reviews, that examine the effectiveness of the product and if it is possible to make money fast. Keep in mind, once you have the knowledge, you will get faster. Once you start making money, you can reinvest it, and watch it turn into a fortune! When you search in Google, be cautious and look for that money back guarantee! If it is processed through ClickBank, that is a good sign. Take action now, before the competition does! Enjoy living large!

How To Make Money On The Internet! Or How Not To!

Well if you are reading this article then that means you really
want to make money online!

But I bet your totally confused and don’t know what’s real anymore?

And your probably kind of sick of all seeing the same things and over and over again, and not knowing if they work. You probably hear positive things and negative things about every program out there. I know I do!

Seriously if I see one more web page or add about selling on ebay or filling out survey’s im going to go crazy.

I’ve been on the internet now for along time, I’ve gone in circles and tried everything there is to make money. After all things are said and done, the main thing I realized is, if someone is trying to sell you the information for a dollar amount $ (whatever it may be) without giving you even the slightest idea of what you are buying, then DON’T BUY IT!

You will end up getting the same thing you probably bought 3 times already.

I think it is pointless for a business to try and sell something to a customer, but yet only tell you “You will make money!” umm ya how?

I mean that’s like going into a shoe store and the sales person saying “Buy these shoes, they will help you walk, but you can’t see them until you give me the money!”


The best plan for any business that I can give advice to, is come up with a business plan where you tell the customer what their doing and how it’s done, but only hold back say: the name of the company you need to buy the products from or whatever it may be.

There are a few sites out there that are actually worth your time and will offer you free information. These sites are often ignored because they are free, and for some reason today in society people seem to think if something is free then it is of no value! That’s actually the farthest thing from the truth. The best things in life are free, (we all know this).

I am going to go over a few things that repeatedly show up on the internet again and again, trying to make you buy their information, only to find out that you will make less money doing what they suggest, than what you paid for it!

1. Selling on Auction sites or Buying wholesale lists.(Drop shipping)

Ok selling on auction sites can be a means to earn money, but it depends on what you’re selling. If you own a brick and mortar store (a real live store) it can be a way to add to your revenue and sell extra things on the side. But selling of the internet (droppshiped item) or buying wholesale items, is usually a complete waste of time. Think about how many people those wholesale lists are available to, and how many people are going to be competing with you to sell that same item. This in turn leaves you with very little profit. Not to mention that almost all wholesale lists online are out of date and most of the time the items are not even actually whole sale priced. Plus you must pay the listing fee for your item, the final sale value %, and then other fees for processing payments! In the end you really only made like $3 and hour. Is that worth your time?

I’m not saying every product is like that, there are a few niche items (if you can find them) that might sell well and have a good conversion for you, but as soon as you find them so will someone else, and on and on the cycle goes!

2. Filling out Surveys.


This has to be the biggest waste of time on the internet today. I personally have never even touched that area. I know allot of people who have though, and it has only led to disappointment. There are so many sites promising you $10 here $40 there to fill out a simple online survey.

Ok so first they want you to pay to find out where the surveys are, and then when you pay them and go to fill out the survey’s you find out that to your surprise, you must qualify to fill out the survey. For example: You must be between 5’9 and 5’10 , weight 62lbs and not eat for three days, you must have black hair and blue eyes and live on the moon! So hmm I guess I don’t get the $40?

Or you can fill out 2 hour surveys about what brand of toothpaste you like and you will get paid $2! Need I say more?

3. Online Rebate Processors

This one is kind of new to the online world of offers. There are a few sites (that look very similar!) that offers you a list of people to work for, and promising you $15 a rebate. OK this depends on the price of the rebate, the company you are issuing the rebate for and on and on. As far I know, there is only one company that actually pays that (off the list they give you) and they won’t accept any more employees. So unless you want to spend $40 to get the list and then make about $1 a rebate, don’t waste your time.

4. Billing processor, medical billing specialist or transcriptionist.

All I have to say about this one is if you are interests make sure you look for work through a local business that you can actually talk to and call. Or you will end up working for some random office in Malaysia or some foreign country getting paid .12 cents an hour.

5. Paid to surf

There are many, many sites out there promising you money to surf the net or read emails. That’s because they are trying to get you to sign up for their programs. You get paid like .1 cent an email and a few cents a web page as long as you’re at the web page for at least 30 to 60 seconds. That’s a total waste of time.

6. Getting a free website to sell other peoples things!

Ok this will make you a few buck here and there, but the amount it costs to advertise, and then the small % you get back in return isn’t really worth it. Really you are just making money for the person above you and they are giving you a very small % of what they make. Also there is so much competition in this market that you have to find a very small niche with very specific products that are not so over marketed.

7. Forex (trading currencies)

Is actually one of the best ways to make money online, if you practice a little and know what you’re doing. The reason some people over look this is because there is a work involved and you need to learn the system. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, but it is a get rich long term scheme.

Forex is : The currency trading (FOREX) market is the biggest and fastest growing market on earth. Its daily turnover is more than 2.5 trillion dollars. The participants in this market are banks, organizations, investors and private individuals, just like you.


This is a hard to explain system, but I have used it for over a year and it’s worked for me this long. The reason I think it’s a good system in the first place is because of exactly what I said earlier, you don’t have to pay a single cent to get all the information there is to get about the system. People make a great living off of it and it’s totally free. You get a free ebook to read it all over, and it doesn’t involve anything I have mentioned above. No marketing, no forms, no calling, no selling or buying, no emailing, no nothing really! And when something’s free and promises to make you a good income, I always check it out. I mean what can it hurt, it’s free? You can get a free copy for yourself at

It’s something I enjoy, its fun and I make really good money from it. Its not hard to do and you get all the info for free, which is a huge bonus from my point of view or anyone that is trying to find a good income earner but don’t want to pay before they know what it is!

So that is my opinion on the latest online money makers! I can’t speak for everyone, but I have extensively tested or know someone who has tested, all the methods above.

I hate to see people waste their time, because there are so many things out there that are a huge time waster.

I have been online now for along time, and have tested program after program, I wrote this article to share my ventures and to try to give some advice, whoever it may help, so that people who are new to the online industry of making money might have some direction on where to go or what to try and not try.

I will continue to write articles on all new money making methods I try, until then good luck and I hope you benefit from this advice.

How to earn money online

Affiliate programs
A lot of companies on the web allow you to sell their products and get a commission on the sale. They take care of the product and you take care of getting clients for them. They usually give you a special link with your refferal code in it so you can refer clients.

Investment programs
You can invest your money on investment program like hyip or on the forex or stock market. But if you invest in a hyip, make sure it’s reliable because a lot of them close after sometime running away with your money. Investing can be very dangerous so be careful!

Paid surveys
Be paid for your opinion! Some companies pay money, some give you gift certificate and some give you the chance to be in a drawing. Unfortunately, most of them are only available for US residents.

You can resell service like webhosting or domain names. With reselling you can set your price but you have to take care of the technical support and billing. It’s a good way to start your own little business because you can control everything and your business can easily grow.

Place ads on your site
A lot of programs allow you to make money by placing ads on your site. You can earn money for each or for each impression of the ads.

Starting a scam site
This is NOT the solution! Don’t even think about it.

Forex Brokers: What You Get For Your Money

The majority of the Forex brokers do not charge commissions. They are remunerated by revenues from their activities as currency dealers, including earnings from buying, selling, interest on deposited funds, converting and holding currencies, and rollover fees.

If you think that, because Forex brokers do not charge commissions, they are working for free, you need to go back to Forex school. Forex brokers make their money from you, by selling you currency at one price and buying it back from you at a lower one. The difference in the prices is known as the “spread” and it can mount in a hurry. How can you determine a “spread?”

Understanding The Spread

You may have thought a “pip” meant is a fruit seed, and you would have been right. But in the 21st century, the “pip” is far more widely known as the smallest monetary increment, usually one one-hundredth of a percent. On the Forex market, currencies are priced to the fourth decimal place, and that fourth decimal pace is the”pip.” It’s also known as a “basis point.”

Forex brokers make their livings in pips. The number of pips they charge per trade is known as their spread. Some Forex brokers charge the same spread no matter what the trade, and other Forex brokers charge a variable spread. While a variable spread can look enticingly small in a slow market, it will not be available when the Forex trading begins to fluctuate, because the Forex broker will raise his spread.

You can hook up with Forex brokers through major banks or investment firms. They are regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and they are registered with the Futures Commission Merchant. But the Internet has caused a proliferation on online Forex brokers, who will provide traders the technology necessary to trade. They have opened the Forex market to million of small investors who may lack the capital and understanding to have any chance of succeeding.

What To Expect From Your Forex Brokers

If you’re working with Forex brokers, and you should be, your have the right to expect their offices to be available around the clock. The Forex market never sleeps, and even if you are placing a trade in the middle of the day, it might be the middle of the in the hemisphere where your Forex broker’s office is located.

If you need to get out of your trade in a hurry, you should be able to depend on someone being at the other end of the phone. And by the way, always make certain with your Forex brokers that you can close a position over the phone. If not, a power outage hitting your PC, or a failed Internet connection can spell disaster.

Before you sign on with any firm of Forex brokers, take the time to do some background checking. Not all Forex brokers have the financial underpinnings to hold money in reserve if their trades go wrong and their customers want to cleanout their trading accounts. Your Forex broker should be open about his company’s financial condition and history, and be able to provide documentation of his claims. If he can’t or won’t, take your business elsewhere.

And before you commit any money to any Forex brokers, use their online sample trading features to decide which programs are best suited to your trading style. It costs nothing, and will give you confidence that in the fast moving world of Forex trading you’ll be able to keep up.

6 Proven Ways to Earn Money Online!

The internet is wealth creating resource. It has made millionaires of countless individuals who have found ways of providing products/services via the internet. This site is for e-marketers and future or home-based business owners. Here you’ll find ways to make money on the internet as well as work-at-home resources to help get you started. First, let’s start with the most common ways of making money online. Below are the 6 most common ways used today to earn income on the net:

Buying and Reselling/Ebay
MLM (Multilevel Marketing) and Direct Selling
Affiliate/Referral Programs
“Out of the box”

1. E-bay Selling – Buying and selling products is one the most common ways of making money online. It can be very profitable if you find, make or channel a product that is in demand for example: e-books/information, electronics, furniture, office supplies, apparel, etc. The key is to out-think the competition, since the creation of the Ebay phenomenon thousands of sellers have monetized on the opportunity. It’s important to find a product that you’re familiar with in order to be an effective seller; for example, don’t sell computers if you don’t know what “processor speed” is, you’ll just set yourself up for failure. If your having trouble finding a product try going to WWB, they offer products as well as information/ tools on how to find niche products and sell them on Ebay. You can also go to the Ebaystore to set up an inexpensive storefront if you don’t want to build your own.

Drawbacks to Ebay selling are:

Finding/making a profitable product
Can be time consuming (Plan to spend 20-30 hrs/week)
Very competitive market

2. Drop-ship- Drop-shipping is very similar- however the advantage to drop-shipping is that you don’t have to worry about moving the products yourself. With drop-shipping you’re really working as a third party in the sense that you find vendor’s who’ll drop-ship, and when you make a sale, they deliver the products directly to the customer for you-thus, no inventory or overhead costs? It can also save you the money and hassle of running to UPS every month to send/receive shipments. Another perk is that you don’t have to buy the product before you sell it! You simply take the order and give it to the manufacturer for shipping, and you receive a check, without having bought a thing. I know I make this sound pretty easy but in fact it takes an adequate amount of information gathering in order find hot products. The first thing you will need to obtain is a drop-ship directory in order to find vendors who drop-ship, it will cost you anywhere from $55-85, but the money you spend will more than pay you back in safety and time. The only source I recommend for directories is WorldWide again because their the only vendor directory provider that’s Ebay certified-there’s a lot of fakes out their posing as drop-ship providers who are really just “middlemen” trying to collect a commission.

Drawbacks to drop-shipping are:

It can be extremely time-consuming finding reputable vendors with profitable products that will work with drop-shippers.
Backorders and returns can be a headache if you’re with a bad vendor.

3. E-trading is a trend growing more in popularity everyday. Right now the biggest e-trading market is Forex (Foreign Exchange Market) which has a higher turnover rate than the U.S. equity market. Foreign currency trading is a VERY lucrative market and involves simultaneously buying and selling currency online. Transactions take place OTC (Over the Counter) or via internet/phone, as there is no centralized location for trade such as with the stock or futures markets. Not only does Forex offer trading tutorials and conferences for you to learn to trade, but they also allow novice traders to get a taste of the market by allowing you to begin trading with as little as a $25 investment. Forex trading time is short in nature as it does not require long periods of holding before trading as with stocks or bonds. Actually 85% of all currency transactions last around a week or less. A great benefit of trading with Forex is that you aren’t charged commissions or exchange fees. They also offer “real time” price quotes. Go over to to get more information about the currency trading market and how to get started.


Plan to have an investment of at least $250 to see the big bucks.
The market can be very sporadic and due to the short term nature you will need to stay informed (daily, even hourly) of trends and economic changes that will cause value fluctuation.

4. MLM and Direct Selling business opportunities in my opinion are the most misrepresented and underestimated income opportunities on the web. Most of this is due to false and misleading claims about products/services and income potential made by shady distributors and sales associates. Multi-Level Marketing or (MLM) companies are organizations that provide a product or service and market it by “word of mouth” advertising or paying independent distributors to sell the products as oppose to paid advertising i.e., radio, TV, newspaper. These distributors sell the products and receive commissions; however the majority of the money is made by “referring” or bringing in more distributors, who then bring in more distributors, and so on. The key to these businesses is to find established and legit companies with good commission structures and not spend time and money on small, “fly by night” corporations. Direct Selling is really in essence MLM (even though they try hard to distinguish themselves) except the products that are usually sold are “higher ticket” or more expensive products. Direct selling allows you to make more money with fewer recruits because you have higher commissions. Both of these opportunities are for people who desire and motivation to “run their own business”, because once you recruit people in under you, you have to teach them how to do the same, it’s called the process of “duplication” which involves duplicating the work habits of successful individuals and teaching others to do the same. Income is unlimited and residual, so even when you retire from the business (realistically anywhere from 2-4 years) you’ll still receive checks! An initial investment is required for both opportunities in order to purchase the products and/or start-up kit so if your not looking to invest anywhere between $50-250 for an MLM or at least $500-2k for Direct Selling maybe these businesses aren’t for you.


With so many un-established companies on the internet its hard to discern what companies are paying real people real money, so do your research before pulling out your credit card.
There is a high drop out rate in MLM’s due to lack of adequate training from the recruiter/upline and or motivation on the recruits part, so choose your upline carefully because some members will recruit you then leave you on the corner.
Direct selling is bit more challenging due to the type of products/services being offered. It’s more challenging to sell due to the fact that a lot of people who are looking for a business are doing so because cash is tight, so most of them don’t have a grand to invest in order to start (believe me I know).

5. Last but not least we have Affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are perfect for people who don’t want to sell their own product, don’t want to talk to people on the phone or in person, and/or don’t want to spend a lot of money. An affiliate is someone who advertises a company’s services/products on their site by placing banners/ads of the company’s site on their website. When the organization makes a sale from your website link, and in some cases even a referral from the affiliate’s site, the affiliate receives a commission. Affiliate marketing is inexpensive to start because 99% of the companies don’t charge you to become an affiliate, and why should they? I mean after all you’re bringing them visitors, which turns into more sales revenue. You don’t have to have your own site to be an affiliate, but it is necessary if you’re looking to attract more visitors and make more money. The key is joining a good handful of affiliate programs so that you can create multiple streams of income, that’s how top affiliates earn thousands/week.


It can be challenging finding quality affiliate programs to join. Many companies claim to “have the best” program.
If you don’t have traffic, what’s the point? It’s better if you actually KNOW HOW to bring traffic to websites. Many affiliates make money due to the fact that they don’t know how to market their programs.

Not enough??? Well try thinking out of the box. Most successful online marketers created income by simply finding a need or a solution for a product/service. For example, while vacationing in Colorado a few years ago I came across a guy who’d made millions simply by creating a website/lead capture page that surveyed people who were searching for real estate. The page, he stated, basically was a questionnaire collecting information about their requirements: price range, number of rooms, location, etc. After receiving the information from the site, he then sold their information as leads to mortgage companies and real estate agents in those local areas! This can be a very profitable business venture because real estate agents are always on the hunt for warm leads. You can even apply this to any other business where leads are sought after.

Don’t let drawbacks discourage you!! All of these strategies are viable and the most commonly used ways to make money online. You just have to have believe that you can be successful-besides what business doesn’t have its drawbacks? See you at the top!!!

7 Tips to Starting a Successful Small Business

Getting a small business off the ground is challenging to say the least. Here are some tips which will prepare the ground for running a successful small business.

Have Goals

This is where it all starts – the foundation for success. Know exactly where you are heading. What will the business ‘look’ like in the future? How will you know when your business is a success? When you wake up in the morning, do you know what actions you have to take to get you on the road to success?

Take Action

The difference between success and failure is down to the actions you take. The failures in life are the people who know what they have to do but never do it. The successful small business owners are people who take action on their ideas, ones who never say, “I wish I had done …”

Seek Feedback

There is a saying that feedback is the breakfast of champions. During the early days of your business you must continually seek feedback about all aspects of your business. What works? What doesn’t work? What needs changing slightly? Speak to customers, suppliers, your bank manager, your accountant – anyone who can provide you with a fresh perspective.

Find Out What Do You Don’t Know

You can’t expect to know everything about running a business. Undertake your own skills analysis and find out your areas for development. Once you know your knowledge gaps seek out courses, books and advice, which will get you on track.

Be Focused

Let no one distract you from achievement of your goals. At the start of every day get yourself into the frame of mind that you will only do tasks which will get you closer to your goal – nothing else matters.

Take Risks!

You will never achieve anything if you’re not prepared to jump off the cliff a few times! We’re not talking about risks which will put the business in jeopardy; just risks which are planned and thought out, yet at the same time test the edge!

Think Positive

Yes, the oldest cliché in the book, but totally true. See the positive in everything. If something has not gone right train yourself to ask, “What good has come out of this?” Understand that in every problem there is potential for good.

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