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If you read my other articles, you know already that there are many ways to make money on the Internet. I personally can’t understand why people don’t do it more often when it is so easy. “Variety is the spice of life.” That’s a fact. This subject is precisely huge because there is not one, two or three ways to make money online, but many.

In fact this is what I would do if I were you. Instead of focusing on one specific business only, I would set up different ones at least to try and find out which one is better for me. If I realize that it does not consume too much time and I can do it at ease I would then go to the next level . . .

I would set up different streams of internet income. This way I would be assured that even if I am not making that much money with one business, other streams of revenues would keep producing profits for me anyway.

Most people are so afraid to lose their jobs. That’s because it is the only job they have. It is the only thing they do to make money. They are just earning a living. Even if you love your current job, it is a smart decision to set up a few automatic businesses and let them produce residual income for you.

Then, how can you do this?

1. Creativity.

As you will read in my book Easy Web Riches creativity is very important. Most wealthy people are also creative people. There is no limit to what you can create. Then, there is no limit to what you can earn. This is easy. Trust me!

2. Publishing

To publish your own products and sell them to others on the Internet. You will see how many people out there are seeking information nowadays. They know that by educating themselves on certain fields they can improve their standard of living a lot. Often knowledge makes the difference. This kind of business will make you money too.

3. Affiliate Marketing.

Many of you have tried this already. I know. In the other hand this is not just any kind of affiliate marketing. I am talking about affiliating with products or services that sell like crazy!

These companies pay you 50% or more for every product you sell. So, if you get $50 per product, you only have to sell 10 products per week to make $500. I am not talking about ClickBank only either. I am talking about implementing different advertising techniques that can help you make more money from any affiliate marketing program that you choose to join.

4. Trading.

It is easier to trade today than ever before. You don’t have to pick up the phone and call anybody. You can trade all major markets like Forex, The Stock Market, Futures, Options anything, right on your computer screen. This is an automatic business that allows you to earn automatic income. You do it from home. You set up your own hours. You are the boss.

The only problem with trading is that most novice traders rush into it wishing to make a quick buck, without taking time to learn the basics of this business. Reading a few good books about it could increase your profit rate by at least 1000%, specially if you have never traded before online.

5. Join ventures.

Some business owners need money to develop a project. It could be real estate, a new technology, etc. Selling shares of the company stock on The Stock Market is a good method to raise capital for the business.

Other popular method is through a joint venture. A company makes an offer and let interested investors participate on it. There are thousands of joint ventures on the Internet. If you like this business your job will be to find the companies that pay you the highest profits and invest your money with them.

Above you can find five of the biggest businesses you can start to make money one the Internet. Now, the truth is that there are hundreds of ways to do this. That’s where the multiple stream of income concept comes from.

Replication is the key to your online business. This means that once you establish the base, the backbone for your businesses, you can start duplicating your success more and more. In other words, with the same amount of effort, you will double your income through the passage of time.

Notice that if you are an employee, it happens usually the opposite. Every day they demand that you accomplish more tasks for about the same salary. If you like your job you can be an employee, but at the same time start your own online business.

It is a smart decision to start a business and make some extra cash every day. That’s how you will have another stream of income when unexpected money problems suddenly hit you from nowhere. You know that sometimes things just don’t happen like we plan them. It is always wise to have a cash reserve.

Now why an online business and not an offline one. To start a traditional brick and mortar business requires strong will power. There are lots of requisites, forms, legal aspects, procedures, etc., to take into consideration. In a few words, there are so many hassles that most people don’t even think about it.

Now, analyze how different it is when you choose to start your very own online business. For example, you can build your first web site within a few hours and start promoting the products. Instead of spending months or years on the set up process, you spend a few hours or days. You get paid 50% or more for every sale you generate. You can also create your own services and let other people take care of the marketing for you. It is a win – win situation since the beginning.

Other thing to take into consideration is the investment. How much do you have to invest to start a traditional business? Usually tens of thousands of dollars or more. How much do you pay to start making money on the Internet? Usually $0 – $100. How much do you need to wait to start seeing results with an offline business? Probably years. How much do you need to wait to make money online? Probably days.

Do you notice the difference?

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